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Ronnie Fisher Portrait

Mortgage Agent: M17001937
Telephone: 905-491-6893
Mobile: 905-32 -6507
Fax: 888-541-5796

Ronnie Fisher


Ronnie has an extensive experience in the construction industry both residential and commercial sectors. His strong management and leadership skills have lead to entrepreneurship. He is a real estate investor, success coach, a motivational speaker and the host of momondays Niagara. He is also a former actor, model, part-time firefighter and kick boxer.

Ronnie is confident, ambitious and enthusiastic he has been featured on several TV shows, radio and podcasts interviews.

Ronnie is an effective communicator and he has a passion for education. He has taught English overseas, he facilitates personal development workshops and real estate investment seminars.

His purpose in life is to educate, inspire, motivate and encourage others to be the captain of their ship, the architect of their lives, to discover their passions and dreams and design a blueprint to achieve their life goals.

Ronnie resides in Niagara Falls with his beautiful wife and two children. They promote a healthy balanced lifestyle, enjoying the outdoors, exercising daily and playing tourist in their own city, never taking life of granted.