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Core provides direct access to private commercial real estate investments under the same portfolio strategies that the largest and most successful financial institutions and high net worth individuals.

As a vertically integrated group of companies, we combine extensive research and analytics, real estate expertise and management and capital solutions to optimize returns for investors, developers and property owners.

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Good things come in threes.

CORE INVESTMENT SERIES provides you a choice of investments in alignment to your investment objectives. Whether it is income, growth or a combination of both, the CORE INVESTMENT SERIES gives you access to real estate based, risk adjusted, hands-free portfolio investments that performs.


Create a consistent, passive income stream returning between 8% to 12%.

STRATEGY: This strategy focuses on generating much higher current income stream that what you get from traditional income-focused investments such as bonds and GICs, while preserving capital.

The CORE INCOME SERIES typically invests in private lending opportunities such as private 1st and 2nd residential mortgages as well as private lending syndications to finance the acquisition and soft cost associated with real estate development or value-added developments.

These investments are invested in well adjudicated mortgage investments in key Canadian markets targeting a return of between 8 to 12%. Since these investments are mortgages they are secured with real estate and provides a contractual rate of return.

These opportunities are made available through our mortgage brokerage CORE Capital Partners Inc. (FSCO Brokerage No. 12497) and administered through CORE Mortgage Administration Corp. (FSCO Brokerage No. 12345).


Accelerating your net worth by providing between 12% to 20% Return on Investment.

STRATEGY: This strategy is focused on earning as much higher return over time compared to traditional stock based portfolio consisting of 70% stocks and 30% bonds.

The CORE GROWTH SERIES allows qualified investors to invest as a Limited Partner in various real estate developments with established and thriving developers in the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas via private equity.

These investments typically will provide a rate of return of between 12% to 20%, providing growth opportunities that exponentially accelerate an investor’s net worth. These opportunities are made available from CORE Securities Inc., a division of Waverly Financial Services.


The pride of owning multi-family or retail properties.

STRATEGY: This strategy is focused on investors who prefers owning managed investment properties that provides income and over all long-term total returns.

There is pride in ownership and the CORE PROPERTIES SERIES allow you to solely or jointly own high quality, cash flowing, multi-family or retail properties. These hands-free strategies are reserved for investors who want to invest in existing commercial, multi-family properties as well as purposed built student housing providing cash flow and real estate appreciation.

These opportunities are made available through our real estate brokerage, CORE Real Estate Services, Inc. with RECO Brokerage No. 4784201.

Current Opportunities

Platinum Condos

Past Opportunities

Sherwood Forest

London, ON — Funded

virerra village rendering

Virerra Village

Kitchener, ON — Funded

Willowdale Gardens Rendering

Willowdale Gardens

Toronto, ON — Funded

Bathurst Heights Rendering

Bathurst Heights

Kitchener, ON — Funded

Avalon Rendering


Oakville, ON — Completed

The Mark Condos Rendering

The Mark Condos

Markham, ON — Under Construction

University Heights Rendering

University Heights

Toronto, ON — Under Construction

Aurora Mills Logo

Aurora Mills Town Centre

Aurora, ON — Land Development

Photo rendering of Six25Bayview

Six25 Bayview

Toronto, ON — Sales

The Towns of Riverdale Rendering

The Towns of Riverdale

Toronto, ON — Funded

Mount Dennis Townhomes Title Image

Mount Dennis Townhomes

Toronto, ON — Funded

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