BIG investment series


600 244 CORE Advisory Group

In an effort to streamline CORE’s investment offerings, it is pleased to announce the official launching of the BIG Investment Series. The strategy answers the question: “What do you want your investment to do for you?”

BIG is an acronym that stands for:  B for Balanced, I for Income and G for Growth.

The B Series are opportunities that allow investors to participate in the acquisition and management of aftermarket, cash flowing commercial properties. An investor can benefit from immediate cash flow as well as participate in the asset appreciation upon an exit event.

The I Series opportunities typically generate income through mortgage investments. Investors can participate directly in a specific opportunity or can diversify through an investment vehicle that invests in a portfolio of mortgages.  An investor normally has security against the property and will receive consistent cash flow.

The G Series opportunities give investors access to the equity side of the business or the partnership side of the business. As such one can participate in the profit from the development and management of an asset by purchasing units in a limited partnership. Profits can be received upon an exit event such as a sale or refinance of the asset.

CORE typically invests in projects in strong or emerging, primary or secondary markets with specific focus on the greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe areas with terms between 24 to 60 months. Asset classes would include but not limited to purpose built apartments, retirement residences, medical offices as well as self-storage properties.